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Fingerprint reader on Ubuntu 12.04


Yesterday I finally upgraded my Dell D830 laptop to Ubuntu 12.04 Precise. Everything went smoothly – great!

Today I decided to give the fingerprint sensor another try – after reinstalling my machine last year I hadn’t bothered to get the fingerprint reader to work again. (more…)

Fingerprint Reader Working Again!


I had some problems with my fingerprint reader for quite some time, probably since upgrading to Jaunty. It took multiple attempts to read my fingerprint (more…)

Upgrading to Jaunty


Recently I updated my laptop to Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty.

It went pretty smooth; the only drawback was (more…)

Upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid


Today I upgraded my Dell laptop to Intrepid. After downloading 1.3 GB of data it started the installation and asked about several configuration files it thought I had manually changed. Besides that everything went uneventful, and a reboot also worked.

However, not all things are working:

  • Compiz is disabled
  • Fingerprint reader no longer working
  • Cursor keys not working; up-arrow key opens screen shot app (more…)

No Sound after Kernel Upgrade


After I upgraded to the current kernel version (2.6.24-21) the sound suddenly stopped working on my Dell D830 laptop running Ubuntu Hardy 8.04. (more…)

Dual Head on Ubuntu Hardy with Intel GM965 (Part 2)


Now that I had dual head working on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 with my D830, I wanted to be able to undock and automatically get my workspace only on the internal laptop screen. When I put my laptop in the docking station I want it to extend over both the external monitor and the internal laptop screen. And when I boot in the docking station I want my workspace automatically on both screens. (more…)

Dual Head on Ubuntu Hardy with Intel GM965 (Part 1)


Yesterday I got a LCD monitor that I plugged in to the docking station of my Dell D830. Using cloned mode where both the laptop display and the external monitor display the same, worked right away. But I wanted to use extended mode so that I can have a bigger workspace. Here’s how I got it to work. (more…)

Getting the Microphone to Work


Today I tried to set up Skype on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 on my Dell Latitude D830 laptop.

I quickly found the Skype package in the Medibuntu repository, installed it – it started up, I was able to login on Skype. Then I tried a test call: sound output worked, but not the (internal) microphone. (more…)

More on Fingerprint Reader


I had the fingerprint reader working on my Dell Latitude D830 laptop running Ubuntu 8.04. However, there was still one big problem: after resuming the laptop from suspend it only showed a black screen – I could do nothing. The same thing happened when I logged on, switched to another user and then switched to the first user again (or logged out the second user).

I noticed that everything worked when I had Compiz disabled. So obviously the password dialog wasn’t working.

Recently I discovered an error message in /var/log/auth.log and was able to track down the problem. (more…)

Wireless Woes


One thing that I wanted to get to work was my wireless network on my Dell D830 laptop with Ubuntu. The first hurdle was that I had turned off the wireless network switch. Took me a while to figure that out 😦

Unfortunately afterwards it still didn’t work. A lspci revealed that I have a Broadcom BCM4327 wireless card. A search on Google showed that Ubuntu Hardy Beta still has a problem with the order in which modules get loaded.

When I do the following commands I can get it to work:

sudo rmmod ssb

sudo rmmod ndiswrapper

sudo modprobe ndiswrapper

sudo modprobe ssb

I think that for now I’ll do these steps manually (since I need wireless LAN only occasionally) and hope they will fix this problem for the final release.

Update: it seems that this got fixed. I don’t have to do these steps manually to get my WLAN to work.