Fingerprint reader on Ubuntu 12.04

Yesterday I finally upgraded my Dell D830 laptop to Ubuntu 12.04 Precise. Everything went smoothly - great! Today I decided to give the fingerprint sensor another try - after reinstalling my machine last year I hadn't bothered to get the fingerprint reader to work again. The Thinkfinger package that I had used for older Ubuntu … Continue reading Fingerprint reader on Ubuntu 12.04

Fingerprint Reader Working Again!

I had some problems with my fingerprint reader for quite some time, probably since upgrading to Jaunty. It took multiple attempts to read my fingerprint, and often it wouldn't succeed at all. So I had stopped using it. Today, while I was researching a different problem I found a solution: upgrading the Thinkfinger libraries from … Continue reading Fingerprint Reader Working Again!

Upgrading to Jaunty

Recently I updated my laptop to Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty. It went pretty smooth; the only drawback was a problem with my graphics card Intel GM965: because there are known problems it is blacklisted, so Compiz doesn't work anymore. And because of refactorings in the graphics driver some things don't work so well anymore with the … Continue reading Upgrading to Jaunty

No Sound after Kernel Upgrade

After I upgraded to the current kernel version (2.6.24-21) the sound suddenly stopped working on my Dell D830 laptop running Ubuntu Hardy 8.04. Today I tried to solve it and found the solution on this page ( Although it speaks of kernel 2.6.24-17 it also applies to 2.6.24-21. Here are the steps I had to … Continue reading No Sound after Kernel Upgrade