Upgrading to Jaunty

Recently I updated my laptop to Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty.

It went pretty smooth; the only drawback was a problem with my graphics card Intel GM965: because there are known problems it is blacklisted, so Compiz doesn’t work anymore. And because of refactorings in the graphics driver some things don’t work so well anymore with the kernel included in Jaunty. But I got it working: I installed a newer version of the graphics driver xserver-xorg-video-intel. I edited the blacklist file and removed my graphics card from there.

A few days later I also changed my xorg.conf to use the UXA acceleration method. With this change Google Earth eventually works really well without displaying only flicker.

Another problem I had (again) was that Xorg was using way too much CPU. I remembered the problems I had after one of the last upgrades and removed/renamed my ~/.gconf directory. That solved the problem. It is annoying that this seems to happen after every upgrade.

I also had to update the Y-viewport positions in the ‘Place Windows Compiz Plugin’. While the X-positions had changed from being 0-based to 1-based with the last upgrade, the previous version was still happy to have 0-based Y-positions. But this changed now…

The good thing is that multi-monitor support really improved with Jaunty. The patches that I had to apply manually previously are all included. Nice.


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