Upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid

Today I upgraded my Dell laptop to Intrepid. After downloading 1.3 GB of data it started the installation and asked about several configuration files it thought I had manually changed. Besides that everything went uneventful, and a reboot also worked.

However, not all things are working:

  • Compiz is disabled
  • Fingerprint reader no longer working
  • Cursor keys not working; up-arrow key opens screen shot app

1. Cursor keys not working

I googled for the problem and found several bug reports related to this. However, the workarounds suggested in the reports didn’t work for me.

Eventually I found the reason: I had mapped some keys and created my own xmodmap.conf. This seems to conflict with Intrepid.

I renamed my ~/xmodmap.conf file to xmodmap.conf.old and logged out and in again. A dialog came up asking if I want to load xmodmap.conf and telling me that a file xmodmap.conf.old is available. I removed the xmodmap.conf file from the list of files to load – and then my cursor keys worked again!

2. Compiz not working

I played around with it and tried several things and last night I suddenly was able to turn it on again (selected “Normal” in Visual Effects in System/Preference/Appearance). It might have to do with the fact that my laptop was undocked and no external screen connected.

In the docking station with the external monitor connected the background doesn’t draw properly on the second screen – I had to reapply the mesa patch described earlier. xserver-xorg-video-intel is included in a version in Intrepid that already contains this change. And my modifications in xorg.conf were also still there.

After installing the newly generated packages the background worked correctly.

But then it seems like some .gconf files were corrupt – when I tried to log in it brought me immediately back to the log-in screen. So I renamed my ~/.gconf directory (which creates a new one if I log in again) and then selectively copied back some of the settings directories.

3. Fingerprint reader no longer working

It turns out that it is working. However, it requires to press the Enter key after swiping the finger (see bug 256429). After installing the patched packages linked from the bug report it works now.

But the problem mentioned there with this patch is also true: if I enter my password manually instead of swiping my finger it still sends two carriage returns.

4. Other

I noticed that the viewport positions in the Place Windows Compiz Plugin are now 1-based instead of 0-based. All of my windows I had generated rules for to position on a specific workspace came up on the wrong workspace. After I modified the viewport positions it worked again.


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