Distorted Video when Using RecordMyDesktop

Today I was looking for a screen recording application on Linux. I came across recordmydesktop (and it’s GUI gtk-recordmydesktop) which looked very promising. It is included in the Ubuntu repositories and it is easy to use: just select the window you want to capture and click on the record button. However, when I looked at the generated video the characters in the recorded window looked unacceptably distorted.

I thought that it’s probably related to the size of my window, so I tried different sizes but it didn’t get any better. Eventually I tried the video in a different movie player – and voilĂ , in VLC it looked perfect regardless of the size of the recorded window. So I had a look at Totem again and found: if I turn off deinterlacing (View/Deinterlace) it also works there.


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