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VirtualBox and Scim


I’m running Vista in a VirtualBox virtual machine that I have installed on Ubuntu 8.04. This all worked great until I recently enabled the support to enter complex characters in order to be able to test how some software behaves when using an IME. This morning when I started my virtual machine, it didn’t respond to any keyboard input. (more…)

Dual Head on Ubuntu Hardy with Intel GM965 (Part 2)


Now that I had dual head working on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 with my D830, I wanted to be able to undock and automatically get my workspace only on the internal laptop screen. When I put my laptop in the docking station I want it to extend over both the external monitor and the internal laptop screen. And when I boot in the docking station I want my workspace automatically on both screens. (more…)

Fix broken user status in Pidgin/Meanwhile


The user status display of the meanwhile plugin in Pidgin on Ubuntu is broken. If a user has logged in to the Sametime server before I start Pidgin, the user will still show offline in Pidgin. This has the effect that you get messages from offline users 🙂 . (more…)

Fetchmail with SSL on OpenWRT


Last night I tried to get fetchmail to work on a router running OpenWRT (Kamikaze). Turns out that the fetchmail package is compiled without SSL support so it is impossible to get mails through a secure connection. (more…)