Windows Explorer, Powershell and Console2

Quite a while back I discovered the open source tool Console 2 which provides some useful additions to command windows on Windows. It supports multiple tabs, makes copy/paste easier accessible, and so on. You can specify different console applications that Console2 can run. I use it for cmd.exe, Cygwin Bash, Mono and Windows PowerShell.

The following steps show how it is possible to open a Windows Powershell window in the current directory from the context menu of a directory in Windows Explorer.

Warning: The following steps require the use of regedit which is a tool that allows you to easily mess up your system completely. So pay attention what you do, and don’t do it unless you know what you do!

  • Open the registry editor and create a new key powershell in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell
  • Edit the Default value: Open Windows Powershell Here
  • Create a new subkey: command
  • Edit the Default value: C:\Tools\Console2\Console.exe -d “%L” -t WindowsPowerShell

One thought on “Windows Explorer, Powershell and Console2

  1. I love console and powershell. Here’s something I do also,

    I have AutoHotKey running with the script below. All I have to do is type Control+Space and it brings up console. I hit escape and it hides it again. It’s very fast and really easy.

    DetectHiddenWindows, on
    if WinExist(“ahk_class Console_2_Main”)
    WinMove, 100, 50
    Run, C:\Program Files\Console2\Console.exe


    if WinActive(“ahk_class Console_2_Main”)

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