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udev troubles


Recently I bought an USB stick for my laptop that I intend to use to backup my files.

Now the problem with USB sticks is that they get assigned different devices and are mounted in different locations which makes it a little harder to automate a backup script.

But: Linux knows an answer. The udev system allows to define rules that are applied when a new device is recognized. (more…)

Windows Explorer, Powershell and Console2


Quite a while back I discovered the open source tool Console 2 which provides some useful additions to command windows on Windows. It supports multiple tabs, makes copy/paste easier accessible, and so on. You can specify different console applications that Console2 can run. I use it for cmd.exe, Cygwin Bash, Mono and Windows PowerShell.

The following steps show how it is possible to open a Windows Powershell window in the current directory from the context menu of a directory in Windows Explorer. (more…)