Wireless Woes

One thing that I wanted to get to work was my wireless network on my Dell D830 laptop with Ubuntu. The first hurdle was that I had turned off the wireless network switch. Took me a while to figure that out 😦

Unfortunately afterwards it still didn’t work. A lspci revealed that I have a Broadcom BCM4327 wireless card. A search on Google showed that Ubuntu Hardy Beta still has a problem with the order in which modules get loaded.

When I do the following commands I can get it to work:

sudo rmmod ssb

sudo rmmod ndiswrapper

sudo modprobe ndiswrapper

sudo modprobe ssb

I think that for now I’ll do these steps manually (since I need wireless LAN only occasionally) and hope they will fix this problem for the final release.

Update: it seems that this got fixed. I don’t have to do these steps manually to get my WLAN to work.


One Response to “Wireless Woes”

  1. c Says:

    could you post how you figured out how to turn your wireless on??? I have been unable to figure it out — FN F2 doesnt work and neither does enable radio

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