Wireless Woes

One thing that I wanted to get to work was my wireless network on my Dell D830 laptop with Ubuntu. The first hurdle was that I had turned off the wireless network switch. Took me a while to figure that out 😦 Unfortunately afterwards it still didn't work. A lspci revealed that I have a … Continue reading Wireless Woes


Using C# 3.0 Features with .NET 2.0

With Visual Studio 2008 Microsoft also updated the C# language. C# 3.0 brings several new and useful features that are described in a MSDN article. Visual Studio 2008 will always compile with the new C# 3.0 compiler even when you select .NET Framework 2.0 as target framework in your project. This raises an interesting question: … Continue reading Using C# 3.0 Features with .NET 2.0